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Cool exciting update!

Posted: 4:22 PM August, 15th 2023

Just updating the site to say that some cool things have been going on lately! I started work on a major site overhaul which may take effect soon depending on if I stop being so lazy... (I might make Kaleb do it...) Also, animation update!!! I've got something (I think is) really cool in the works! I don't want to give to much away rn. But I'm trying to work as consistently as possible on it. Again, I'm super lazy so consistently may mean like 5 minutes a day or something lol. I hope it doesn't, but with work and other commitments naturally taking priority, who knows? I will be updating the blog regularly with updates so I'll make sure to be keeping you guys posted on any changes and or delays. Now, onto the game, it's currently still in the works, I think it'll be something like a point and click game. I'm not exactly sure of all the details because it's being made by Brian (fellow we friends four member and mega cool guy all round.) Who also, believe it or not, has a life with stuff going on in it as well. But again, I'll be sure to get some updates from him and let you guys know. Which reminds me, the three of us should do a little introduction here sometime... maybe we'll do that in the next post. Anyways, thanks for reading! I hope to have something more exciting for next time, but Ig we'll see, bye! (Also go see the Barbie movie.)

Secret animation that I mentioned earlier-17% (I just passed the 30 second mark)


Site version 2.0-2%? Idk lol

First post! (Not ever... on the website...)

Posted: 2:36 PM August, 9th 2023

B) Pretty cool huh? It isn't pretty... and it probably never will be, but hey! At least one day it might be functional! So check back soon for that! (The website is currently in version 1.0, but that might change soon.) What is the point of this website? Well, idk lol. My friends and I create animations and various other things that we'll be posting here. Speaking of various things, here are a list of various things that are currently in production!

????-0% (it's basically a concept still lol...)


Soo... uhh... yeah! Much like with the rest of the website, we'll be updating this page quite abit! So keep an eye!

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